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Portraiture which honors the inner grace & dignity of people



Recent Feedback from our Clients:

“Beautiful portraits that inspire, tell a great story and bring integrity to their subjects. Jed is a photographer that will deliver the photo you need and make it art.”

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“I really can’t say enough about the positive experience of working with Jed Share as a creative partner, coming up with a truly collaborative approach, amazing images and a thoroughly superlative experience.”

Award-winning photographer | videographer | portraits | and creative visual storytelling
on location in Seattle and worldwide | Jed Share Photography + Video


You Gotta Start Somewhere

We all have our work, our goals, our dreams. For me it’s always been fascinating to see and photograph people at work, in different countries, cultures, trades. Each job has its own world, a sub-culture most of us never get to experience or understand. Those in the profession share a common understanding, yet most of us can only look from outside, looking in.

Much of my work has been photographing annual reports over the years. This has been a wonderful way to visit these worlds, offering many opportunities to  communicate my clients message, to find and share the story and the beauty in the details.

For 8 years I worked on photo shoots all over Japan, including areas in the North, not far from the earthquake and tsunami areas.  I want to do something to help, and will. If you can contribute even a modest amount to the Red Cross to help others in severe need, it can really help now, heres a link:    helpearthquakevictims

Electrical contractor Nathan Turner  recently asked me to film and photograph his projects for a website facelift. He explained he was installing home theaters for sophisticated clients, that didn’t prepare me for how great these were! After the shoot he told me to hold on to my seat, and it’s true, I could not believe the experience. This man knows his stuff.

And we got a cool portrait for him that day too.


A walk, an exploration, can be a wonderful way to get over the winter blues. All weather has its beauty and living in the Pacific Northwest has taught me to appreciate the mist and softness of a rainy day. Snow days can be a wonderful visual treat, and soon we’ll have Spring again, with all its colors, scents, and surprise.

  • This was written in early January while filming “The First 90 Years”

    I was with John, filming today, we’ve been talking about his life, and what’s gone into these past 90 years. Today was his birthday. Lotta stories, and I’m learning a thing or two from an interesting man.

    His daughter asked us to capture the story of his life (so far), it was thrilling to be in the audience of 100 people, caught between listening in spellbound silence, to rousing applause, so I guess we did justice to our subject. And so they’ve invited me to work on the sequel…90 and going strong…he’s still looking for the next thing to do, you gotta admire that spirit!


Recent projects have included:

• Annual report photography and portraits for a human services group
• Creative headshots and visual branding for a landscape architecture firm – PR, website, trade publications
• Corporate video and still portraits for a website re-design
Industrial photography for an international crane manufacturer – PR, trade publications
• Career expanding headshots for an opera singer
• Portfolio of headshot portraits for an motion picture actor
• Videographer | Video Production to document the personal and professional story of a man’s life, “The First 90 Years”


We are currently in production for:

• Portraiture for marketing and branding, for a companies website, public relations and social media
• A short documentary capturing the spirit of community service
• A short film about a Japanese ceramic artist
• 8 foot-tall billboard sized portraits for RedHat’s visual branding
• A short film about small business
• A series of Portraits for Microsoft
• A short film sequel to the “First 90 Years”, interviews with friends and family


Our Specialities Include:

Telling the story for NGOs, foundations, organizations,  and non-profits
Real people portraits, candid, honest, authentic
Working people, industrial photographer, on location, for sustainable industries, sustainable agriculture, high-technology
Executive portraits Candid portraits for business, corporate and family/personal clients,  short documentary style video films
Lifestyle photographer in Seattle for editorial, magazine, corporate, corporate communications, and advertising
Short video profiles, video portraits, video production in seattle, around the Puget  Sound region, and Washington state
Effective multi-media slide shows
We can help you with your Online Marketing and Social Media
Serving clients in Brand Communications + Design
Photographer | Videographer in and around Seattle WA, Kirkland, Bellevue, Bothell, Redmond…
– and over 60 countries worldwide

With warmth, integrity, and authenticity


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