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Nature | The Perfect Artist



During this week I had the opportunity to hike along a mountain river, the lush fresh quality in the air was deeply relaxing and made for a great walk.

My garden is mostly made up of native plants, very low maintenance and down to earth, fitting right into our forest woodlands of the pacific northwest. I’ve been watching Huckleberry, the leaves are perfect in form, and birds love their berries.

This image is an extreme close up, the leaves tiny, I was right amongst them as I photographed, visiting a pristine and perfect, magical world. To me this is beauty, the beauty in the details.



23 May 2011

Portrait | Expanding Vitality & Aliveness

A recent shoot for a terrific naturopathic doctor, we’ve shot still portraits and some video for her branding. Healthcare at it’s best.

Vital Medicine’s integral medicine clinic and transformative educational programs redefine the breadth and scope of medicine to include one’s entire being – body, mind, soul, and spirit – and the world in which we live.

Dr.Deb Zucker has an amazing dedication to her patients and clear, focused intention to support them to expand their vitality and aliveness.

19 May 2011

Business Headshots for an India Client

YouTube Preview Image

A series of business headshots for an India client. Great faces, these portraits of their Board of Directors will be used for public relations and corporate communications.

Be sure to watch at 720p, click play,then the setting on the right.

11 May 2011

Giving Back


I feel it’s important to give back and to use media in a positive way. A good example is this project for the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation.

This PSA / fundraising video combines still images with music as a multimedia slide show, with chapter heading titles adding counterpoint to the imagery.  Supporting  research and the development of a cure, it has been shown to open major medical conferences in Washington DC, Marrakesh, Morocco and Paris, with excellent response, exceeding the hopes and goals of the organization.

I first met this young woman in the Intensive Care Unit, And today, Georgia has gone on to living an active, vibrant life. She was an essential contributor to our project along with a brave group of children battling various forms of Cancer, several of  them since birth, what a profound experience it was to work with these young heros.

The campaign, has been an extraordinary success, with a major increase of revenue for the organization, as well as making a real difference in people’s lives.


5 May 2011