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Giving Back


I feel it’s important to give back and to use media in a positive way. A good example is this project for the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation.

This PSA / fundraising video combines still images with music as a multimedia slide show, with chapter heading titles adding counterpoint to the imagery.  Supporting  research and the development of a cure, it has been shown to open major medical conferences in Washington DC, Marrakesh, Morocco and Paris, with excellent response, exceeding the hopes and goals of the organization.

I first met this young woman in the Intensive Care Unit, And today, Georgia has gone on to living an active, vibrant life. She was an essential contributor to our project along with a brave group of children battling various forms of Cancer, several of  them since birth, what a profound experience it was to work with these young heros.

The campaign, has been an extraordinary success, with a major increase of revenue for the organization, as well as making a real difference in people’s lives.


Posted by jedshare on May 5, 2011

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