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Business Portraits

Goal: To create a set of portraits of the new principals and original owners as their business goes through a transition of ownership. Photographed  in color and sepia for use in branding materials, these  environmental portraits and headshots will be used on the company website, in trade publications, press releases, and social media.


7 Jun 2011

Business Headshots for an India Client

YouTube Preview Image

A series of business headshots for an India client. Great faces, these portraits of their Board of Directors will be used for public relations and corporate communications.

Be sure to watch at 720p, click play,then the setting on the right.

11 May 2011

Giving Back


I feel it’s important to give back and to use media in a positive way. A good example is this project for the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation.

This PSA / fundraising video combines still images with music as a multimedia slide show, with chapter heading titles adding counterpoint to the imagery.  Supporting  research and the development of a cure, it has been shown to open major medical conferences in Washington DC, Marrakesh, Morocco and Paris, with excellent response, exceeding the hopes and goals of the organization.

I first met this young woman in the Intensive Care Unit, And today, Georgia has gone on to living an active, vibrant life. She was an essential contributor to our project along with a brave group of children battling various forms of Cancer, several of  them since birth, what a profound experience it was to work with these young heros.

The campaign, has been an extraordinary success, with a major increase of revenue for the organization, as well as making a real difference in people’s lives.


5 May 2011

RedHat Billboards

We just completed black & white portraits do be used in gigantic 8 foot-tall  billboard/posters  for open source software company Red Hat , the work is visual branding for their summit in Boston. Our subject writes software code by day for the national electrical power grids. In his off hours he’s a drummer for a heavy metal band, powerful at work and off… You can see our new work here


21 Apr 2011

Happy to Be Alive

The weather has been odd, and for a while it seemed we’d miss the glorious days of ‘indian summer’. Fortunately, we’ve been given a gift, perfect days for doing anything outdoors. I’m just back from a mountain hike which yielded this image of the Cascade Mountain Range, during one of our video shoots. Being there made me so happy to be alive, and thankful for the gift.



4 Oct 2010

A Lovely Surprise

While taking a work-break outside my studio I looked down and noticed that Wild Strawberries had popped up today, these are volunteers, transported and planted by birds. Now the (very smart) birds will come back to eat and enjoy them – completely native here in the Pacific Northwest.

A lovely, amazing surprise.

28 Jun 2010

Online Video: The Story Of A Happy Roof

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have trees, lots of trees, and roofs bear the burden of all those pine needles and moss.

A local company, Debris Free Seattle uses eco-friendly products in their green business, clearing the way for a roof to have a long life, saving substantial money along the way. In this video, Brian Frankowski, the owner of DBS shares a bit of his extensive knowledge on the subject.

Part of a continuing series on small businesses with big heart.


8 May 2010

Some Portraits – A Slide Show

YouTube Preview Image
19 Apr 2010

Website Photography for a Seattle Yoga Studio


We just completed this website for a local Seattle Yoga studio. It’s a good example of website photography for small business, including portraits, and lively imagery of people in action. See more images

25 Jan 2010