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Video Portrait | Video Profile | Interview

Far beyond a stiff, dull video interview, we could connect with the audience through the truth and authenticity of this classical singer’s story. The Black and White look of this video portrait simplified the visual and added a touch of class. Business and corporate video productions, just like this project for the arts benefit from high production value, we shoot in  film-like style, much like a feature film, and this draws in the audience.

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7 Aug 2011

The Art of Industrial Photography

We all have our work, our goals, our dreams. For me it’s always been fascinating to see and photograph people at work, in different countries, cultures, trades. Each job has its own world, a sub-culture most of us never get to experience or understand. Those in the profession share a common understanding, yet most of us can only look from outside, looking in.

Much of my work has been photographing annual reports over the years. This has been a wonderful way to visit these worlds, offering many opportunities to communicate my clients message, to find and share the story and the beauty in the details.

 Industrial Photographer Portfolio
For 8 years I worked on photo shoots all over Japan, including areas in the North, not far from the earthquake and tsunami areas.  I want to do something to help, and will. If you can contribute even a modest amount to the Red Cross to help others in severe need, it can really help now, heres a link:    helpearthquakevictims

1 Aug 2011

Vintage Twins

Time magazine online, just published my portrait of these amazing twins. They were fun to shoot with, in their 70’s and very vintage. Portraits like this capture something very special, it comes from within the subject and speaks of style, culture, and something more.

Here’s the portrait

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14 Jun 2011

Sustainable Sushi

Just photographed at the Seattle International Film Festival  during the premiere and panel discussion of “Sushi The Global Catch”.  It was a  pleasure and privilege  to support this relevant and important film.

See the film trailer

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9 Jun 2011

Creative Portraits | Visual Branding

In our series of images for this client’s visual branding I had an opportunity to explore and offer creative solutions along with the more formal corporate portraits. I love to work with clients that give me the freedom to explore, and this trust frequently leads to the best results.

Project goal: To create a set of portraits of the new principals and original owners of a dynamic landscape architecture firm in Seattle. as their business goes through a transition of ownership. Photographed  in color and sepia for use in branding materials, these  environmental portraits and headshots will be used on the company website, in trade publications, press releases, and social media.

The background is a great funky wall I wanted to shoot with, old vines, at the right time and season for interest and just right for the clients playful yet professional image.Check out more New Portrait Work 
8 Jun 2011

Nature | The Perfect Artist



During this week I had the opportunity to hike along a mountain river, the lush fresh quality in the air was deeply relaxing and made for a great walk.

My garden is mostly made up of native plants, very low maintenance and down to earth, fitting right into our forest woodlands of the pacific northwest. I’ve been watching Huckleberry, the leaves are perfect in form, and birds love their berries.

This image is an extreme close up, the leaves tiny, I was right amongst them as I photographed, visiting a pristine and perfect, magical world. To me this is beauty, the beauty in the details.



23 May 2011

Portrait | Expanding Vitality & Aliveness

A recent shoot for a terrific naturopathic doctor, we’ve shot still portraits and some video for her branding. Healthcare at it’s best.

Vital Medicine’s integral medicine clinic and transformative educational programs redefine the breadth and scope of medicine to include one’s entire being – body, mind, soul, and spirit – and the world in which we live.

Dr.Deb Zucker has an amazing dedication to her patients and clear, focused intention to support them to expand their vitality and aliveness.

19 May 2011

Online Video: A Sunny Day In November



You might prefer to WATCH  the full size version

This is ‘Chapter Two’ following our friend the meditating Heron (who graciously makes a cameo appearance as our film unfolds).

Filmed during the warmest November day on record since 1969.


5 Nov 2010

Headshots That Change Lives

‘The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.’ – Alan Alda

Just completed this series of portraits, this select is just one from a wonderfully productive shoot.

Some of the best work happens when the subject has prepared well, and we then collaborate to create a portrait that captures their inner grace and dignity. Listening is important, understanding the essence of what they need to communicate.

Client goal: To reinvent his worklife, becoming more visible as an opera singer, with new opportunities and career growth.

Update: I just heard from him at an LA singers convention, excited with new opportunities and many compliments on his headshots. Seattle now…next??

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11 Oct 2010

Online Video: The Story Of A Happy Roof

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have trees, lots of trees, and roofs bear the burden of all those pine needles and moss.

A local company, Debris Free Seattle uses eco-friendly products in their green business, clearing the way for a roof to have a long life, saving substantial money along the way. In this video, Brian Frankowski, the owner of DBS shares a bit of his extensive knowledge on the subject.

Part of a continuing series on small businesses with big heart.


8 May 2010