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The Art of Industrial Photography

We all have our work, our goals, our dreams. For me it’s always been fascinating to see and photograph people at work, in different countries, cultures, trades. Each job has its own world, a sub-culture most of us never get to experience or understand. Those in the profession share a common understanding, yet most of us can only look from outside, looking in.

Much of my work has been photographing annual reports over the years. This has been a wonderful way to visit these worlds, offering many opportunities to communicate my clients message, to find and share the story and the beauty in the details.

 Industrial Photographer Portfolio
For 8 years I worked on photo shoots all over Japan, including areas in the North, not far from the earthquake and tsunami areas.  I want to do something to help, and will. If you can contribute even a modest amount to the Red Cross to help others in severe need, it can really help now, heres a link:    helpearthquakevictims

1 Aug 2011